The Story of
Success Without Sacrifice

Helping Founders, Entrepreneurs & Empire-Builders to Achieve Success Without Sacrifice...


If you are a BUSY business owner, who at one time COULD and DID prioritise your business over all else in your life... BUT... you're starting to get fed up of carrying your empire on your shoulders and want to start transitioning your business to be less reliant on you - then you may relate to this...

OR, if you are in the early days of your current business venture but you CAN'T or DON'T WANT TO put your family, health and freedom on the back burner in order to grow your business to the next level... then you will probably be relieved to hear this too...

OR, you may have been there, done that, bought the t-shirt and you're ready to cash out of your current business completely to get ALL your time, headspace and freedom back to go out there and put your wealth to good use, then you will probably get a lot of this as well...




What does Success Without Sacrifice Mean?

The short answer is YOU DECIDE - it simply means you have the freedom to choose and live this life accordingly. 

However there are a few practical ingredients we must all possess in order to LIVE our versions of Success Without Sacrifice once we've identified it...

Time + Money + Courage + Purpose

And exactly HOW you acquire these ingredients is what I aim to provide everybody brave enough to COMMIT to the journey to attaining it.

Where did the Concept of Success Without Sacrifice Come From?

My Dad was a lawyer and then a business owner who was always BUSY. As a lawyer, the culture of that profession was (and still is!) very much about "who can show the clients and the bosses who are the most committed by working the longest hours". Then, as a business owner my Dad created a business that was fully dependent on him. He was responsible for acquiring and maintain all client relationships i.e. the money. So if he didn't show up for work, the business stopped making money. This meant that he didn't have much time left over for his passions, his relationships, his family and he got trapped in this cycle of being dependent on working long hours. I actually interviewed him on my podcast about how we finally escaped this if you want some inspo on breaking this cycle at long last!

My mum, although was a "stay at home mum," she was also a foster carer which meant that she was essentially working 24/7. This meant that there was RARELY opportunity for her to prioritise herself and her mental & physical health suffered dramatically as a result.


After watching my parents sacrifice life for money for YEARS, I knew when I graduated from university that I wanted to earn my money differently, and the ups and downs of entrepreneurship gave me the opportunity to figure out - not just what I could call this "different way" (ALAS the concept of Success Without Sacrifice was born!), but also what this looked like for me and how I could actually practice and live what I preach - a pursuit of success that doesn't sacrifice happiness, wellbeing, fulfilment. A pursuit of money that doesn't sacrifice freedom.

I personally mentor business owners and teach them the processes, systems, strategies and also mindset that they need to make this transition, being on-hand to support and solve the challenges that naturally arise during this transition, providing ongoing direction and clarity. Because of the energy and commitment that I put into this journey with you, I have very limited client availability.

>>>If you're interested in this, then certainly submit a "good fit" application and we can figure out if I'm the best fit to be your mentor.   

So How do I Help Others do the Same?

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For Business Owners Wanting Success Without Sacrifice WITHIN their business...

For Business Owners Wanting Success Without Sacrifice, but who want to EXIT their Business, (either now or in the next few years!)...

My team and I can work with you to get your business ready for sale, making sure you get the most value out of the transaction and in a timeframe that you're comfortable with.

>>>If you're interested in this, then either book a quick, none-"salesy" call with me where I can walk you through the process in greater deal for you to go away and think about.


>>>You can download our FREE "Planning the Businesses future AFTER YOU" guide which is a DIY product to help you progress towards selling your business.   



If you would like to dip your toe into my world before you apply for my mentorship then I recommend you join the free facebook community: the Success Circle Network, where I deliver weekly trainings and where you can hop on zoom and network with me and the other community members. We are a community of EMPIRE-BUILDERS who are also pursuing Success Without Sacrifice. We support each other, we learn from each other and we hold each other accountable to our goals.


If you enjoy learning from successful people, you should also check out my podcast: Millionaire Secrets. My guests have on multiple occasions stated that recording with me was one of the best interview experiences - I really get to the good stuff!


Ultimately, my mission that underpins all my ventures, is to disconnect the relationship between money and time, meaning you can grow your business and income exponentially & sustainably WHILST having a life  - Success WITHOUT Sacrifice is what I whole-heartedly believe in.


If you would like to get to know me, my ethos and my story, check out this interview I did with my mentor where he interviewed me on his podcast.