Looking for a Mentor?

1. First we have a short 15 minute phone intro call to make sure that my methods and ethos are the best support system for you - considering your current situation, your goals and your ethos. 

2. If we both determine we are a good fit, we then proceed to book in a FREE 1 hour long business strategy session. See below for more details on this.

3. At the end of this 1 hour strategy session, we decide together whether I am the best person to support you in implementing the growth strategy we create.

*** These calls are genuinely meant to give value and provide clarity on how you can reach YOUR goals, not for me to sell you something you don't need, so I reserve the right to be super considerate who I gift my time and expertise to! Plus, I only take on 2 mentees per year, so I won't waste my time and energy on someone I don't 100% believe I can help.



1. Guidance on the quickest path to your version of success without sacrifice.

2. Guidance on the challenges currently holding you back.

3. Guidance on what strategies you need to implement over the next 12 months to get you to your goals

What will you get out of a Business Strategy Call with Bethan?

How to Figure out if Bethan's the Right Mentor for you...

This is not for you if...

- You expect Bethan to do the work for you. Bethan is here to give you direction, help you create solutions to the challenges / barriers to growth you are currently experiencing and to help you develop into the CEO capable of evolving your business for massive growth and success without sacrifice.


- You are not willing to change your daily routine, habits or how you think about business, sales and money.

- You aren't going to commit to coming to our sessions and doing the work set by Bethan. 

- You aren't willing to put your customer / clients needs ahead of your own

- You aren't willing to invest in your business and your success without sacrifice goals.

Apply Below...

The Key to Success Without Sacrifice is Leveraging your time. But this can only been done when you KNOW HOW and after you've implemented SYSTEMS in your BUSINESS and LIFE... This is where I come in.

1. Learn

We must learn how we can provide the most value to our market as possible without sacrificing what WE value most as individuals.

2. Systemise

Taking the knowledge, experiences and best practices from our heads and teaching our teams and our machines to do as much of this as possible.

3. Leverage

We now step back from our businesses day-to-day. We are the CEO focusing on the big-picture strategy... or whatever we want to put our time into.

If you are a BUSY business owner, who at one time COULD and DID prioritise your business over all else in your life... BUT... you're starting to get fed up of carrying your empire on your shoulders and want to start transitioning your business to be less reliant on you - then you may relate to this...

OR, if you are in the early days of your current business venture but you CAN'T or DON'T WANT TO put your family, health and freedom on the back burner in order to grow your business to the next level... then you will probably be relieved to hear this too...

OR, you may have been there, done that, bought the t-shirt and you're ready to cash out of your current business completely to get ALL your time, headspace and freedom back to go out there and put your wealth to good use, then you will probably get a lot of this as well...




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